The Indian cartoon that’s offending Australians

It takes a particular genius to feel offended by a piece of art instead of the reality it mirrors.

Several students of Indian origin have been clobbered in Australia in an unceasing (and unacceptable) wave of attacks over the last few months; one of them even being killed last week. Yet, the response from both countries is beyond comical; it’s tragic to the point of being farcical.

And for both countries, the media has become a convenient whipping boy.

Instead of telling the Aussies to “rack off, you bloody bonzers“, Indian foreign minister S.M. Krishna buffers up like a slow, dial-up modem, nods in agreement with what he is about to say, counsels Indian parents not to send their children for hair styling and facial courses, and cautions against “frenzied reporting”.

Australia instead of tightening security to reassure students, is happy to take truckloads of journalistson a junket to generate some good PR. Meanwhile, its acting prime minister, Julia Gillard, takes offence, not at the killing of a young man, but at this newspaper cartoon which she admits she hasn’t seen!

Cartoon: courtesy Prasad Radhakrishnan/ Mail Today

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Bolo, Bharat mata ki jai. Bolo, it’s a work of art


  1. Steve Randall

    Everyone knows that Australia is a land of Thugs and Theives who were sent from the overflowing British prisons to an unexplored landmass called “Australia”.

    Go read the book “A Commonwealth of Thieves:The Improbable Birth fo Australia” …its cheap $11.17 on Amazon.
    This sounds like an act of a typical Australian targeting a hard working foreigner.

    I will not travel this place ever in my life and will advice my relatives & friends in U.S to not travel to this racist country ever.

  2. Devdas Bhagat

    Steve’s comment is amusing. The criminals were sent to Australia after the US gained independence.

  3. the ‘cartoon’ thing was bound to happen some day due to inaction by Australian police. I want to know the real reason behind these attacks on Indians in Australia. what are the Aussies feeling threatened of?
    The way these attacks have been happening it looks as if a lot of planning and preparation has gone in.

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