The ‘troubling nexus’ doesn’t trouble too many

Several Indian newspapers which have tie-ups with the New York Times have re-run Heather Timmons‘ piece on people of Indian origin returning to the United States because they find it difficult to work in the motherland.

Surprise, surprise—or perhaps no surprise, no surprise—almost all of them have excised former Mint editor, currently Washington Post managing editor, Raju Narisetti‘s damning quote on “the troubling nexus of business, politics and publishing“.

No mention of Narisetti or the “troubling nexus” in 624 words of The Economic Times re-run.

No mention of Narisetti or the “troubling nexus” in 306 words of The Indian Express re-run.

No mention of Narisetti or the “troubling nexus” in 821 words of The Telegraph, re-run.

There is a mention of Narisetti and the “troubling nexus” in 1,293 words in the online edition of The Times of India, but not the print edition.

One of the few newspapers that does carry Narisetti on the “troubling nexus” is the Bangalore-based Deccan Herald.


  1. mysore peshva

    wow, astute observation, sans serif!

    NYT and IHT re-runs are edited more for inconvenient (not non-factual) content than for style, from my experience — a practice that may be unethical in the NYT itself.

  2. gringo

    Very nice find. This just proves the NYT’s point about the way we are.

  3. sumana rao

    Considering Mr Narisetti not only carried NYT’s piece (one of only two papers in India) on Mukesh Ambani in Mint when he was editor, refused to retract since it was a NYT story with no factual errors (DNA ran a big apology) and later got sued for Rs10,000 crore (ironically DNA was sued too)…I find the cowardice of most Indian newspapers unbelievable….Does make his point believable, doesn’t it? Wonder if Mint/HT, which also have NYT syndication, ran this story?

  4. Andy

    Great investigation,Sans Serif…

  5. Excellent observation, this is the exact kind of stuff that brings us back to sans sarif. Ironically, the fact that the callous editors of the said national dailys ommited Mr Narisetti’s comment is freh a proof of the “nexus” he talked about.

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