Former journalist falls to death trekking in China

Arun_Veembur_11931esans serif records the sad demise of Arun Veembur, a former journalist in Bangalore who went trekking to China “on a whim” to escape the humdrum of routine journalism.

According to a report in The Hindu, Arun, 28, suffered serious head injuries after a fall while hiking in the mountains of southwest China on Monday.

Arun, son of a DRDO scientist, who worked at Deccan Herald and Mid-Day, had to moved to Yunnan after hearing the story of the Stilwell Road built by the Allies during World War II to ship supplies from India to China, and was working on a book. The road runs from Assam through Myanmar to Yunnan.

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Read the The Hindu report: Young writer dies in China

Links via K.R. Balasubramanyam, Rahul Chandrasekharan

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  1. Andy

    Sorry to hear about a untimely death of a young journalist…

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