US scribe discovers India’s Abu Ghraib at Bhogal

joel statement and t#1D0E8AJOEL ELLIOTT, an American freelance journalist working as a “staff writer” at Caravan magazine in Delhi since May this year, has been the subject of a bizarre torture incident.

According to a signed statement issued by Elliott, a recipient of the Payne Award for courage, he was assaulted by Delhi police personnel on the morning of October 6, allegedly for “trying to steal a taxi”, while in fact he was only seeking cover from the rampaging cops who were pounding some other person.

Elliot, who claims he was “tortured” by the police and “inhumanly treated”, has now left for the US.

Below is the full text of Eliott’s signed statement, released by Caravan, in which he demands a compensation of half of million dollars for “the pain and suffering and mental anguish” inflicted upon him.


joel statement


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  2. jaihind

    As an indian, i’m sorry for all that has happened coz of the stupid cops.

    p.s Send in the marines, Tomahawk cruise missiles, please take the cops to Gitmo.

  3. axea

    As an Indian I am not surprised that this has happened. Not for nothing do we describe the police in india (not just delhi) as dacoits in uniform.
    I agree with jaihind (though i suspect he is being sarcastic – but then again maybe he is not) – send in the marines take these cops away and make an example of them.

    After that maybe just maybe the police in India will think twice before assaulting a foreigner.

  4. Mysore Peshva

    I wrote to Delhi’s police commissioner, Y.S. Dadwal about the Nizamuddin police beating:

    Mr. Police Commissioner,

    If you have had a chance to review these photographs, please respond with action.

    The shameful incident is not only about justice for an international guest. It is also about Delhi’s (and India’s) image on the eve of the Commonwealth Games 2010.

    (my name)

  5. ms

    it happens everyday – but to indians. be thankful you were not female. or in a city where they would have poured acid in your eyes. or in a region where they would have kidnapped you and beheaded you. no indian would take the risk of walking down the street alone in his beloved country after sunset, or interfere when he sees our brave police force beating up one person. he is such an ignorant foreigner. he says he spent some time in our glorious country, and as a journo, i expected him to be a wee bit more observant of local/national customs. so, he wants to sue the police force. stand in line, my friend, and await your turn.

  6. Neel

    Lets not forget about the many Indians who have been shot and killed in the US because “they looked like an Arab”…

    I’m not trying to justify what happened to this journalist, but lets try to see things in perspective here.

    1. And the perspective is?

    2. Lisa

      First of all here in America we do not kill a person just because the way a person looks. This country is all about freedom for all. The only time Indians were killed was during colonization. Learn The History of America. They were not Middle Eastern Indians they were Native Americans. If other cultures are going to come to America to live, you need to respect our country. What would happen to you in your country if you said and did the things you do here? Remember you are here because you chose to be here. RESPECT AMERICA!!!!!!! OR LEAVE!!!!!

  7. ms

    how many indians have been shot and killed in the US for just their looks? zero. how many indians killed in india for being indian? millions. go figure

    1. bob

      Actually 2 people were killed in the US because they looked Arab, after 9/11.

  8. lun

    Delhites – be it civil or men in uniform -are like this only. Brute, savage, uncivilised, cruel and racist! I am only too happy that the victim this time is a journalist at the same time a foreigner. Which is why the incident received widespread media-coverage, I guess. I am from the northeast part of India, been living in the city for the past five years and been witnessing similar incidents every now and then. Had the victim been a northeast guy (who looked “different”), this would have been yet another untold, supressed story!

  9. sahana

    What is police reaction ?

  10. m

    An I&B ministry official said, “We have asked the police to submit factual details of the incident. It is a law and order issue but there is concern within the government that such an incident should take place with a foreign national, that too a journalist.” The ministry, however, has so far refrained from making any official statement till the facts of the case are clear.


  11. Harami

    I want 5 Million dollars for reading this crap – White Boy, cant take the beating

  12. Mysore Peshva

    I received a response from the office of the Delhi police commissioner:

    Dear Citizen,

    thanks for your E-mail. Your E-mail has been acknowledged by Commissioner of Police, Delhi and the same has been referred to the Joint Commissioner of Police/Southern Range for further necessary action and your reference 7990/E-mail dated 12/10/2009. You may contact him on telephone No. 23490208 and his e-mail ID is

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