PRASHANT PANJIAR: Lensmen be more reflective

Prashant Panjiar‘s critically acclaimed solo exhibition Pan India: A Shared Habitat, a visual tour de force of how the Indian landscape has changed since the turn of the millennium, moves to Bangalore and Calcutta next after Delhi run.

In this sans serif video, the acclaimed photojournalist talks about why he shot the pictures with a panoramic camera, why he came up with the exhibition (curated by Sanjeev Saith) of the way Indians live—and why all photographers should at some point get away from the physicality of the image, and turn a bit more meditative, a bit more reflective, because the audience has become more image-savvy.

“In India, we tend to congratulate ourselves too quickly. We are really seduced by our own success. In the past we have seen this manifest itself in ways in which people will dispel any thought or any criticism that is made of India’s success. The view in all these images, in this exhibition, is to reflect upon what is happening, reflect upon what is changing. But the view is from bottom-up, with the idea that whether we like it or not, we have to live together, and therefore we have to regard the other in some way.”

View a gallery of the pictures: Pan India: A shared habitat

Visit Prashant Panjiar:

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  1. mysore peshva

    thank you for sharing this thoughtful, reflective, interview.

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