His Master’s Voice varies from his Man Friday’s

Minister of state for external affairs, Shashi Tharoor, is a) the son of a journalist of The Statesman, Calcutta, b) a longtime columnist with The Illustrated Weekly of India, The Hindu and The Times of India, and c) a career diplomat who spent a good part of his life at the United Nations writing books and press notes.

But in his first 100 days in office, Tharoor’s core competency is what has deserted him as he puts both his feet in his mouth with increasing regularity.

First came the cattle-class comment on his Twitter feed, and now this. A comment on Mail Today, the tabloid newspaper owned by the India Today group, at sharp variance with his own officer on special duty Jacob Joseph‘s surmise of the paper a few days earlier.


  1. Well, the Minister’s opinion on Mail Today was not an official MEA stance for Jacob to parrot. They are entitled to different personal opinions. What I found funny about Mr Tharoor’s rant against Mail Today was the fact that he himself tweeted praising a story in Mail Today one day later – http://twitter.com/surekhapillai/statuses/4332103841

    He probably did not realise it was a MT story since the website was India Today’s.

  2. Media always tries to make something out of nothing.

    Did you read the “anger” latest Amitabh post on his bahu news?

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