‘The name is Gajwani. Satyan Suresh Gajwani.’

PRITAM SENGUPTA writes from Delhi: Although they run India’s largest home-grown media empire, the seamer side of which unabashedly peeks into the lives of people, the Jains of The Times of India group treasure their privacy like they do, well, their marketshare.


Elder son Samir Jain, 55, rarely makes public appearances of the sort younger brother Vineet Jain, 43, does. When Forbes magazine named mother Indu Jain as India’s second richest woman, Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd (BCCL) went to court citing an invasion of her privacy. And so on.

But is a small but significant shift on?

Twice in the last three days, the media website content sutra has referred to the man said to be the fiancè of Samir Jain’s daughter Trishla Jain, the heir apparent whose reluctance to return to India after her graduation from Stanford was listed by India Today magazine as his “biggest disappointment“.

Trishla has thankfully returned, and, it seems, with her husband-to-be.

India Today reported in March this year that the soon-to-be husband was already ensconced on the fourth floor of Times House, which houses the Times of India‘s headquarters on Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg in Delhi.

Now, content sutra reporter Sruthijith K.K. outs him in a manner of speaking.

Samir Jain’s son-in-law-to-be is: a) a Stanford grad Satyan Gajwani, b) taking active interest in the affairs of the company’s web portal Indiatimes, and c) is currently serving as executive assistant to group CEO Ravi Dhariwal.

A bit of googling reveals:

# That Satyan Gajwani is actually Satyan Suresh Gajwani.

# That he is the son of Suresh and Nilam Gajwani of Miami, Florida.

# Suresh Gajwani is president of Amtel Security Systems, whose home was affected by Cyclone Irene in 1999. (Water entered the Gajwanis’ home through the window and sliding glass door openings and they sued the insurance company when their claims were denied.)

# Suresh and Nilam Gajwani are listed as dharam sevaks who contributed between $10,000 and $25,000 at the South Florida Hindu temple.

# That as a student of the Miami Palmetto High School, Satyan Gajwani won the 2003 Lincoln-Douglas debate.  That there was a minor row about his win.

# That, at Stanford, he earned a minor in economics, major in mathematical and computational science, and a masters in management science and engineering in 2007.

# That he lists Vineet Jain among the four people he follows on the New York Times‘ social network, Times People.

Intrusion of privacy?

That should teach the young man at Times Internet Limited something about the digital trail!

Screenshot: courtesy content sutra

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