Sorry, brother, we got a few million $$$ wrong


The battle between Dhirubhai Ambani‘s children—Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani, and children they truly are—also has a small but remarkable media subtext.

Both “camps” scour through news reports with a fine toothcomb, and both “camps” are not unknown to plant a few saplings in fertile newspapers and magazines to score points.

This clarification appears in the Delhi edition of the Indian Express on August 1 for the Anil Ambani-owned Reliance Infrastructure, which used to be Reliance Energy just a few months ago, which used to be BSES just a few years ago.


The Indian edition of Forbes, the capitalist tool now in formerly socialist India, courtesy Network 18, runs a gossip column on its last page titled “Insnider”, yes “Insnider”, “because fat cats tend to have soft underbellies”

In its July 3 edition, the third issue of the magazine, Forbes India was forced to carry this “apology” for rubbing “fat cat” Mukesh Ambani’s underbelly on the wrong side, along with those of his “fat kittens”.

“In our issue dated June 19, 2009 under the heading Self-Reliance, we published a snippet stating that Isha and Akash, children of Mukesh Ambani, would be accompanied by a mini-entourage of three servants when they proceed to Yale for their undergraduate studies. The same piece went on to state and imply that Isha and Akash had not been admitted on merit but that Mukesh Ambani had, by improper means and use of his influence, secure their admission to Yale.

“We had published the report based on information that we had believed to be reliable.

“We have, however, subsequently ascertained and now recognise that there was no foundation to these allegations and we sincererely regret that they were ever made. We are happy to take the earliest opportunity of correcting our error and expressing to Mukesh Ambani and his children Isha and Akash our regret and embarrassment caused to them by publishing the original snippet.

“Similarly we also regret any references that were made to Yale University and its officials in the original snippet.”

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