Everybody knows what GIEM is, who TGI India is


Don’t magazines, newspapers have anything to claim?” is a story on “sans serif” in response to television channels constantly claiming to be one-up over the rest either in their ratings or predictions.

Well, The Week, the weekly newsmagazine published by the Malayala Manorama group, has responded in a Freudian sort of way with this full-page ad designed by Mudra advertising in its latest issue.

Change your outlook. There is a new No.2.

“With more readers on its side, THE WEEK is the new No.2 GIEM. So if your brand is looking for the opinion leaders, it’s about time you changed your outlook.”

Source: TGI India 2008


  1. Nisamudheen VP

    TGI is random sample survey conducted by IMRB (Indian Market Research Bureau.IMBR is a well know professionally qualified research org adhering to MRSI rules and regulations.If the Week has the numbers, why they should shy away from declaring it?

    1. Soham Khimani

      abs true nisam….

  2. Ram Govardhan

    Whether you call it a Freudian sort or hijack sort of thing, ad agencies are ad agencies. They will resort to anything that can earn some brownie points.

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