25 years moved so quickly; it seems like just 12

The Bangalore edition of The Times of India turns 25 years old today. But the joy of a great journey from being No.4 to No.1—from climbing from a circulation of 20,000 copies to “over 500,000,” in the words of resident editor H.S. Balram—is slightly marred by a photograph on the front page of the “special report” marking the occasion.

The picture, shot by T.L. Ramaswamy, captures Bangalore’s most famous thoroughfare, Mahatma Gandhi Road, then and now. Then being 1984. Among the hoardings dotting the buildings is a hoarding for the Korean company, Lucky Goldstar alias LG.

LG, for the record, was launched in India in 1997.

Photographs: courtesy The Times of India

Hat tip: Satish Patel


  1. The first thing I did when I saw this pic in the morning was this tweet.

    I can see a Santro, something like an Indica and the newer Maruti 800s (not the 1984 soap boxes)

    Mega #FAIL

  2. Abhik Majumdar

    I wanted to point this out too – what about the cars?

  3. Oh no! The killer is here!
    Saint Gobain logo that you can spot on the building!!
    They came to India in 1996!
    TOI, you guys are impossible!

  4. Mr. Bangalore

    TOI is one of the biggest gimmick newspaper I should say…Looks like they think the readers are all stupid not to find whats 1984 or 1997. Big fraud this TOI!!

  5. Binkada Singaari

    Yet another reason why you should never believe this paper. Always cheating the reader.

  6. suhas.h.j

    Ha ha ha… I know its late to comment on yesterday’s paper, but still one more bombshell is.. I went to GK wale the print studio, It has the photo galery of last 25 years old. the big 2 buildings which is shown in the photo was not there at all.. there was a publication house 🙂

  7. Andy

    Its 25 years of ruining journalism and leadership in destructing the credibility of the media

  8. lol … LG was the first thing that stuck me wen i read the article tat day ..

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