When my 0.68 is bigger than your 0.68


An advertisement for the Hindi news channel, IBN7, owned by Raghav Bahl‘s Network 18, appearing in the latest issue of the Brand Reporter.

“IBN continues to dominate the Hindi news space in the prime-time slot of 9 pm as its flagship news bulletin Dante ki chot par becomes No. 1 across all Hindi channels, during all the time bands.”

TAM rating for IBN 7 in week 22 (May 24-30): 0.68

TAM rating for Aaj Tak in week 22 (May 24-30): 0.68

Also reasd: Never let facts come in the way of a good story

1 Comment

  1. Sahil

    That’s probably the difference between 0.675 and 0.684 so it need not be an error.

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