When magazine editor marries starlet, it’s news


Journalists marrying movie stars and celebrities is not unheard-of but is not routine.

The editor of San Francisco Chronicle Phil Bronstein did a stint as Mr Sharon Stone, and various Hollywood flicks (think Roman Holiday) have also immortalised celluloid romances between hacks and bold-faced name.

But generally the scrappy job and miserable pay, not to speak of curmudgeonly faces, have rendered journalists unmarketable on the romance/ marriage market.

“Not tonight, darling, I have a deadline.”

Take a bow, Che Kurien.

Che-Kurien_365The editor of the Indian edition of the men’s magazine GQ is rumoured to have tied the knot with the starlet Antara Mali. Antara, the daughter of the film photographer Jagadish Mali, was the muse of the Bollywood movie maker Ram Gopal Varma.

Kurien was earlier with Reuters, Time Out and the Indian Express.

Photographs: courtesy photobucket (top); Campaign India

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  1. Andy

    Congrats Che !!

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