Every journalist’s essential guide to Twitter

Twitter, twitter everywhere.

Journalists are signing up to the micro-blog site. News organisations are launching Twitter feeds. Events are being covered live on Twitter.

But what precisely can journalists achieve with Twitter?

What are other journalists reading, writing and following on Twitter? Who are the journalists who are using Twitter around the world? How can you hook up with them? Need some help with a story? How can you keep track of the torrent of Tweets? Can you receive an alert if something of your liking is Twittered?

And WTF is hastag?

Read The journalist’s guide to Twitter


  1. For those interested media on twitter
    @DNA @times_of_india @the_hindu @RediffNews

  2. Twitter has been a very useful tool for my blog, to meet people and to get a general idea of what’s happening.

  3. you mean #hasHtag …

  4. Akshay

    Well, there is now a cool competition to twitter too. You can install a tiny webserver (mymobilesite.net) on your phone. Now the world talks to your hand(phone) and can control it and… The application is there since some time, but now is stable. Blog on your phone and let the world read.

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