5 photography tips from ace lensman Raghu Rai

Master-photographer Raghu Rai, who was nominated by Henri Cartier-Bresson to join Magnum, in conversation with ASRP Mukesh in The Pioneer, on his entry into photography and what it takes to be a good lensman:

# “Skills are never taught, they are acquired. I can give you a camera, but can’t feed your vision.”

# “Photography is a strguggle to respond to the situation and realise its importance. Death and life don’t wait for anyone. One has to understand this hidden meaning before picking up a camera.”

# “Non-professional photographers should begin clicking portraints as it teaches them to connect with emotions better than juggling between doing overambitious pictures.”

# “If your mind is not connected to what you are shooting then you are not a good photographer.”

# “A creative photographer is one who either captures mystery or reveals things, everything else is useless.”

Photograph: courtesy Magnum

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  1. Ayan maitra

    If u provide more tips frm raghu rai,it would be great

  2. I am deeply impressed with the photography of the genius- Raghu Rai. Some of his shots speak and talk with your inner heart !

    1. Ranjeet Kumar

      Good morning maim, my self ranjeet kumar, i enjoy every moments when i am with my camera. i want to be professional in this field. so, plz give me ideas to proceed in this rocking field.

      Ranjeet Kumar

      N.I.T JSR (final year)

      1. My name ashis chakraborty I am interested to learn photography but I have no guid if you guid me then i greatful to you for ever

  3. The tips are just simple and amazing. There is so much yet to learn… I specially liked that amateurs should start with portraits.. as they help you connect with the emotions…rather than just be overambitious for our shots.

  4. sarbori basu roy

    u r amazing……………………as a non-professional photographer, i will be thankful to get more tips……


    HOw can i contact RAGHU RAI

  6. Utpal Datta

    Great Tips by Raghu Rai. May I have his contact no or email?

  7. Dont see much content in these tips.

    I am sorry but I fail to see anything useful here.

  8. mrityunjay

    very helpful.please provide more tips from raghu rai.

  9. Nilargha chatterjee

    I am also interested in photography………….. i can not see much when i am naked eye but i can see many more when i look through the camera…


    It’s true..One who works with dedication can realize the truth..so, learn photography by taking photographs honestly..thanks a lot Mr Rai….

  11. I am a great fan of Mr.Raghu Rai.His photographs are very inspirational.

  12. sonusharma

    i want to meet you please sir i am a big fan yours

  13. kallol majumder

    I am a great fan of the INDIAN stalwart in photography yet I feel very sorry on his third opinion as an amateur photographer . Some great photographs have been taken by amateurs worldwide
    which is well in his knowledge.

  14. al

    Great tips by Raghu Rai. I have recently seen his collection of Music Maestros on https://www.storyltd.com/collections/music-maestros-photographs-by-raghu-rai/3663/

  15. Sayan Majumder

    My name sayan majumder I am interested to learn photography but I have no guid if you guid me then i greatful to you for ever

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