‘Indian media’s bias ominous for democracy’

New York City-based human rights and media activist Partha Banerjee, in Counter Currents, detects an eerie similarity behind “the media-supported rise of Rahul Gandhi” as the next potential prime minister of India and the rise of Rajiv Gandhi and his brother Sanjay:

“I must say I’m frustrated to see the rampant bias in favour of the ruling party [in the Indian media]….

“The role of government as well as private media such as Zee TV, NDTV, Star-Ananda, CNN-IBN, The Times of India, etc., along with their many local and regional offshoots, to show extreme bias for parties and candidates of their choice is gravely ominous for democracy.

“”Contrary to the much-touted American media doctrine of a fair and objective reporting—doctrine they always preach but seldom practice—the new Indian media have resorted to an unrestricted, one-sided coverage of the Congress Party and its leaders.

“Sadly, even now during the election times, voters can find nearly no reporting of the fact that a vast majority of Indians still have no access to health care, education, drinking water or electricity. One wouldn’t know that in India, a world-record number of farmers committed suicide because of economic desperation and multinational companies’ forced seed-bank replacements.

“We don’t hear about the destruction of Indian environment and massive pollution and energy crisis. We don’t hear about the extreme lack of women’s rights (sure, we now have more fashion shows and jewelry models on the catwalk!). We don’t hear that India is now the fastest-growing AIDS country (and contrary to Thailand or USA, talking AIDS is still very much a taboo).

“We don’t know that police brutality and abuses on social and religious minorities are abysmal. We’re never told that international organizations have called India as one of the worst countries to protect human rights and promote equality. We’re not reminded that India has seen a massive number of communal riots, big and small, in recent years: not just in Gujarat, Ayodhya or Mumbai. And that our governments have failed miserably to protect us from terrorism.

“And that is why Indian media’s suppression of truth and generous donation to ruling class’s rampant lies are even more worrisome. In their election coverage today, opposition parties find minimal amount of time and importance. Third parties and especially those who have mass support to boycott elections are not given any time at all. Big media have belittled opposition alliances, and brought them to ridicule.”

Read the full article: Incredible India (Elections): Jay Ho!

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  1. I totally agree with you here..This trend has been even more prominent as elections have started ..Its almost like a concentrated effort from all the sections of key media – both TV & Print…
    Suddenly the news about the slowdown have simply vanished from newspapers & TV channels…even the business channels & business papers carry only stories of how slowly economy is bouncing back..while in reality things are far away from a recovery stage…
    Key opposition leaders have been picked at..they have just blown out of proportion the issue Modi being the next PM in waiting for the 2014 elections..

  2. Gareeb Aadmi

    Ok …It;s wrong…You want to see the change…Be the change. Rather than doing talking, why not let’s do so walking to the issue and fixing it. I totally support that there are forces in the Congress Party(Pvt) limited of India which are doing activities which are contrary to the very existence of our nation. Time for Change. Mahatma Modi ji …We need you. India Needs you. You are our modern Krishna.

  3. Vyas

    Media like bombs & Guns are boon or bane according to who uses them. Its like slow poison. People call India developing, it is too pseudo & by intrested people. Today India has record highest poverty, malnutritioned children, farmers suicides in history of the birth of earth. Poor become poorer, rich become richer. Let me quote 2 lines
    “There are those who walk miles to earn a morsel of rice,
    There are also those who walk miles just to digest food”. GOD WILL NOT FORGIVE US. SHAME ON US.

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