Is Barack Obama an Indian politician in drag?

Not AIDS, not DRTB, not even XDRTB.

Blaming the messenger/ blaming the media is the fastest growing pandemic, and US president Barack Obama too seems to have succumbed to it.

Well, at least that’s what The Economic Times suggests in its headline “Obama blames 24-hour news cycle for US woes“.

“For too long, too many in Washington put off hard decisions for some other time on some other day. There’s been a tendency to score political points instead of rolling up sleeves to solve real problems.

“There is also an impatience that characterises this town—an attention span that has only grown shorter with the 24-hour news cycle, and insists on instant gratification in the form of immediate results or higher poll numbers.”

So, would the economic crisis have not occurred if there were no 24-hour news monsters to feed? Does a falling tree make a sound if nobody is around? Is the Pope Catholic?

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  1. The panic media created did aggravate the issue!

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