How Cisco helps China in internet censorship

It’s not just authoritarian governments that are preventing citizens and activists from accessing news and views that they would not like them to lay their eyes and ers on. Transnational corporations that supply the technology to make access possible in the first place are playing a hand, according to Al Jazeera‘s media show, The Listening Post.

Simon Ostrovsky reveals that giant companies like the San Francisco-based Cisco (“The Human Network”) which supply the hardware for internet networks often also supply the commercial software, and cooperate more closely with regimes than previously imagined. Cisco, of course, denies the charge.


  1. Gururaj B.N.

    Businesses know which side of the bread is buttered. They are always known to have supported totalitarians in the past. Recall how Internatinal Telephones & Telegraphics participated in a revolutation in Chillie during the early 1970s? In any case, it is dumb to expect businesses to be democratic. The business of Businesses is not to espouse freedom of people and speech, but to make profits. Therefore, one need not be shocked at Cisco co-operating with Chinese totalitarian retime. Having already invested huge sums in China, Cisco is bound to tow the line to protect its investments. China is not known to deal gently with people who come in its way!


    when a commentator uses fatallistically implied terms like “totalitarianistic”to comment on a nations political process,one can only assume that they have a prsonal agenda,the love of their life has left,they are hated by their family and were bitten by their dog that morning/World totalitarianism is alive all over the world and if China didn’t run its affairs with a little restraint,they would be like India..”fucked’

  3. aamadmi india

    Hi, I am ‘aamadmi india’, Today I read your comments journalist and Indian media. I am very much critical about the function of not just Indian media, but the whole media. In a democracy like India, media is largely responsible for pushing into slavory. Our ruling establishment with vested interest always wanted the so called ‘news’ twisted in their favour. Where is the true freedom of expression in India? Our political masters interested in creating thousands of legislation and enslaving us just tax paying slave and increase corruption in our society. Once Britism PM told at the time of independence when we got freedom from British, he told the leaders that criminals, bastards and other anti social elements going to grab the power and start taxing people on everything like water, air and anything and everything. After just 62 years of freedom from Britisher, ‘aam aadmi’ feel that he is 200 percent correct.

    Forget all this, in a democratic India, I want to live with ‘dignity of labour’, dignity of living without hurting anybody in the world. Can you live in a democracy without making a corruption! Where is the value, ethics, freedom of speech (exposing the wrong system of governance and institutional democratic set up). You see what is the tax before independence and after independence? Today, govt. want a great say and interference in anything and everything. They want to peep in the private lifes of the citizen. You all journalist writing democracy is great! How?
    Where is the space for liberal thinking, dignified, hard working commonman like me? Can you live with Licence-Inspector-Permit-Quota-Police Raj.

    Now the question is who will monitor the media? Why the media is biased towards powerless poor? Other thing many people don’t want to discuss is the great jealous in the media if somebody take up the real issues. The ‘mafia’ in the media make him/ her ground zero. Media politics is much worse than the real politics. I have many real life story to tell a vast audience.

    Whoever behind ‘churumuri’, we expect you will take up and let us ‘inform’ (rather than twisting facts by traditional media) a more debating issues in the days to come.

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