In a downturn, second mag launch in two days


India has a new weekly on the stands from today.

Open, the much-awaited news and features magazine from the corporate house, RPG Enterprises, has launched with an opinion poll in Pakistan (which says 90% will join the army if there is an Indo-Pak war) as the cover story.

Designed by Itu Chaudhuri Design, the 74-page magazine is edited by Sandipan Deb, and hopes to give long-form journalism some much-needed bandwidth.

Deb’s introductory letter to readers reads:

“We hope you will find [Open] inviting, liberal, without biases, inclusive and eager to engage….

“We hope to be a weekly offering on your life and times. We hope to inform, engage, stimulate and entertain in an intelligent fashion. But isn’t this what almost all magazines set out to do? Yes, there may be nothing new in what we want to do, but we think we will be distinctive in how we do so, in these strange and complex times we live in….

“We won’t repeat the news you have already watched on TV, read in the papers and on the net. We don’t want to be a purely India-centric magazine. We will be quirky. We will often be opinionated. We will not shirk from admitting mistakes. And we will not be a magazine that mostly men find interesting. Ever.”

Read more about Open here: RPG to launch Open on April 3

Visit the website:

Publish your own magazine: Magcloud


  1. Gopal

    Which was the first mag to be launched prior to Open?

  2. Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

    OPEN Magazine

    Sir, Kind Attn: Sandipan Deb, Editor

    I just happened to see your esteemed weekly OPEN at the book stall while picking up my regular papers and weeklies. I picked up a copy. I found it very informative and decided to read it regularly.

    My opinion:

    A weekly entirely different in look as well as in its contents. No doubt it stand apart from all the other weeklies in the market. You said it all in the editorial especially in its intro, hope you stick to your words. We are fed up with the routine style of presenting the stories. Hope your ‘People Page’ should not be restricted to the celebrities’ alone. Why don’t you share some space to the general readers to air their views on current issues or any other relevant subjects in a wider angle.(I mean not the letters to the editor column, that is generally restricted to few lines only) also if you provide some space exclusively for women, children and youth and if space permits accommodate one or two short stories or mini stories and one poem. Then this will be a complete family magazine. Also give an opportunity to the new writers to exhibit their talents by offering a an attractive honorarium.

    The essay Power of nonsense was an interesting and informative read. The writer covered almost everything currently happening around us in its 3 page write-up. And “Ow! Zzat?” Below the belt. Too revealed many unknown facts about that important cricket accessory. Of course the Cover Story “Inside the Pakistani mind after 26/11 revealed
    P V Ariel, Secunderabad

    so many chilling facts about this most dangerous country and its people. We must be so alert to face any such situation as mentioned in the story.

    Altogether it was a lovely week with the weekly OPEN, yes you made our week, and I have decided to be a regular reader of this amazing weekly. Hope your closing sentence, the promise or the covenant has a long-lasting effect on your readers. Yes, please remember that “Readers are KING”, satisfy them with your talented writers’ creations.
    Congratulations for bringing out such and elegant weekly news and family magazine.

    God bless

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

    Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’
    Secunderabad -3

    POST BOX NO. 2136
    SECUNDERABAD – 500003
    TEL: 09951598907
    040 27130113 (H)
    040 27796353 (W)

    Sorry to note that there is no email id address to the editor instead I found three ids of the marketing and sales sections heads, please clearly mention the id of the editor in a little more bigger font. To tell you the truth, I used a magnifying glass to read about the editorial team and department details. Hope you do use a little bigger font here. Thank you for your precious time.

  3. Ranjan Seth

    Open is brilliant. Finally a magazine that outclasses its dowdy weekly competitors completely

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