It’s April 1, and the joke is on us (and them)

On exchange4media, group editor Pradyuman Maheshwari lists the 10 April Fool’s Day headlines he wishes would turn out to be true:

#09: Newspapers up cover price. Times/HT/Hindu/DNA now priced at Rs 10; ET/BS/Mint at Rs 15: The Indian Newspaper Society steps in to convince the leading newspapers of the country—including regional biggies like The Telegraph, Deccan Herald, etc—to participate. Some low circulation newspapers may be exempted from the move. Regional papers to follow suit.

# 01: Times shuts Medianet, no editorial guarantee on Treaties: Although many people who would have otherwise not merited any coverage in Bombay Times/Delhi Times, etc., are very unhappy about it, Times has shut its Medianet division. Also, those signed on under the very successful Private Treaties programme have been told that there will be no guarantee of editorial plugs just because the Times Group has picked up stake.

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