Which paper or TV station will do this story first?

After the hype of the launch of the Tata Nano yesterday, the reality check today.


SHOBHA SARADA VISWANATHAN, in New Delhi, forwards a copy of an advertisement (above) taken out by Greenpeace in the Financial Times, London, and the International Herald Tribune, Paris, to draw the attention of the chairman of Ratan Tata, to the damage being caused to endangered Olive Ridley turtles by the Tatas’ construction of a port in Dhamra in Orissa’s Bhadrak district, in a joint venture with Larsen & Toubro.

Do Indian newspapers, which have all run full-page ads of the launch of the Nano today, have it in them to carry the Greenpeace advertisement? Will Indian TV channels run the YouTube film (below) that Greenpeace has put out? Will there be followups in newspapers, magazines and TV stations?

Or, in the wake of the Nano, is it a no-no because, well, the Tatas might sue or pull out the ads?


Below is the full text of the FT-IHT advertisement:

Dear Mr Ratan Tata

The Nano is the realisation of a dream you have dreamed along with millions of other Indians. While the Nano is certainly something you’d like to be remembered for, your port in Dhamra could undo all that the Tatas have stood for and built their reputation on.

For two years in a row, ever since dredging began in Dhamra, there has been no mass-nesting of endangered Olive Ridley turtles in the area. If they disappear, it will be forever. And that’s why Greenpeace believes that the port must stop now.

98% of your own customers polled recently also think the port should stop now. Over 100,000 customers have already emailed, called and faxed you, asking that the port should stop now. And over 200 respected scientists—25 of them from IUCN’s Marine Turtle Specialist Group—say the port must stop now. But construction continues day and night, threatening to bring an already endangered species closer to extinction.

Mr Tata, we call upon you to uphold the legacy that your company has built painstakingly over 100 years. Place the planet at par with profits, because there are some things that money just can’t buy back.




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  1. Mysore Peshva

    Shocking. Mr. Tata should please act immediately.

  2. ramesh

    Mr Ratan Tata have a drink and enjoy the succuess of your car and dont worry about the people who are creating a noise about the turtles I don’t think they aware of the fact that the turtles have already nested this year.But it seems like nobody would be interested in writing about that.

  3. Sarthak K

    no Mr. Tata please dont stop progress of the nation as Indians we do not bow down to these illicit propoganda.

    and now that the turtles have nested i am sure our living room activists have discovered how vain they are

  4. Ramesh

    I can bet a million bucks right now that greenpeace still wouldn’t be convinced with the turtles nesting that has happened in dharma this year.

    Any takers?


    Have a look at these pictures.

    I dont know whether greenpeace noticed but turtles didn’t have any problem with the construction they still nested.


  5. Steven

    I would have to say that if the Tatas don’t build the port the people of orissa will pay the ultimate price.

  6. Ramesh

    The majority of people who are involved with this campaign are from Greenpeace that canno’t be termed as the view of millions of Indians.

    I had seen some articles regarding the issue and the role of greenpeace.I would like to share them with everybody.

    Have a look


  7. rahul / sharat

    Greenpeace seems to forget that they are human beings themselves or else they would have negotiated and come to a reasonable solution by now.


    Green peace needs to consider the how many lives are going to be affected because of their stubborn behaviour.


    If the project at Dhamra beach closes then the people of Orissa would be the real sufferers.

  8. surkeetkumar / rathorath

    Everyone shall have the right to live in a healthy environment and to have access to basic public services.basically human have their rights they cant live in poverty ,greenpeace should sit with dpcl and negotiate and settle the matter amicably to safegaurd the people as well as construction of the port,and the turtles since the port is coming 25kms from the breeding place i dont think the port construction will affect the breeding,moreover it is going to help the people of orissa ,TATA should go with this construction of the dhamra port


    Why don’t the Greenpeace people come up with an alternative? It is evidently clear that the DPCL are doing their best to improve the living conditions of the people there.
    Check out this site for more info on that… http://www.aamaraodisha.com/
    So why does Greenpeace want to STOP progress… Isn’t it in the fundamentals of all NGOs to get justice without harming anybody

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