Hopefully, there was an announcement on AIR

sans serif records the demise of P. Mahadevaiah, a former news reader for All India Radio and Radio Moscow, in Mysore on 12 March 2009.

A long-time resident of Gokulam, “Moscow Mahadevaiah”, as he was fondly known, was a figure of awe for young boys playing cricket in the triangular park opposite his home in the pre-liberalisation India of the 1980s.

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A baritone falls silent watching the cacophony


  1. Andy

    My condolences to family of bereaved.

    I dont know this gentleman but he belongs to the tribe whom i respect. As a school going boy in Hyderabad i used to keenly listen AIR Telugu news bulletins..cant ever forget Kandukuri Suryanarayana, Addanki Mannar,Edida Gopal Rao…

    1. Udaya Bhaskar

      Dear Friend, My name is Udaya Bhaskar and I have been
      searching NET since few days to get some information related to
      voices of Yesteryears newsreaders like Addanki Mannar, Kandukuri
      Suryanaraya and others. Do you have any idea where can I get to
      hear the voices of these outstadning newsreader of those years..
      Any help in this regard is appreciated Regards

      1. venugopal

        I am also very fond of voices of Kandukuri Suryanarayana, Addankanki Mannar & duggirala Poornayya. I have been searching for years, but to no vain. I am also looking for the voice over in “film division” part before the cinema starts in yesteryear. If someone can post will be of great of great…

  2. John Philip

    I knew Mr. Mahadevaiah. As a young boy, I lived in Gokulam for a brief period and I knew the family. My heart goes out to them and I pray that they cope with the loss of the great man..

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