The slaughter of the media lambs in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is on the verge of winning the war against the Tamil Tigers in the North, but will it ever win the peace? Thousands of civilians are missing, and efforts to trace them are weak.

Nine journalists have died at work in the last three years, and the number may be even higher. Al Jazeera’s Tony Birtley reports on the dangers facing those in Sri Lankan media who speak out.


Jaffna journalist hasn’t gone home for 13 months

Chris Morris, BBC: Lanka journalists ‘risk death’

‘Journalists face escalation of violence’

IFJ: More than 100 media professionals killed in 2008

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  1. And why is it not understandable? The western media including the BBC have for years been maliciously critical of everything the Lankan government has done. And now, the Lankan govt., senses victory and does not want it marred or compromised by irresponsible reporting by journalists out to please their bosses. This is not a minor terrorist attack of a 5-star hotel for the Lankan govt., to risk the antics of a Barka Dutt. What is going on in Lanka is a full blown full scale war. It is indeed a little rich of the media to be whining about it when they fully know that they don’t deserve to be treated with kid gloves. The number of journos killed is nothing compared to the harm the journos have wreaked on the Lankan nation in the past couple of decades. It is the journos who dignified and glorified two-bit terrorist outfits were in fact ‘freedom fighters’. Now that the Lankans have prevailed in spite of the media’s spite, let the media pay for it.

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