Journalist declining national award is news

The following news item appears on the nation pages of The Times of India today:

Journalist says no to Padma award

Journalist P. Sainath, whose coverage of the agrarian crisis brought the prime minister to Vidarbha, has declined to be listed for a Padma award this year.

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A farmers’ bugbear trumps a farmers’ friend


  1. Mysore Peshva

    Bravo, Mr. Sainath. You make us proud.

  2. Mathihalli Madan Mohan

    Sainath deserves all admiration for the courage shown in declining the award. His action has come at a time, when the pen pushers join others in the sickening jockeying for awards.

    No journalist as a matter of policy, should accept a govenrment award as long as he is in service lest his views become suspect in the eyes of the readers. His impartiality gets impeded and one may be tempted to draw his own inference depending on whether he/she is recepient of the award

    The journalists can accept any award after they hang their gloves. (But the govenrment would not bother about a retired journalist, since he or she is of no use to them)

  3. avneesh

    Mr dua Your comments about indian army on 11 june 09, discredits the sacrifice and success it has done to bring KASHMIR to normalcy. A journalist of your stature is not expected to be so ignorant of the fact that sulution to Kashmir is political and not military because this is not pakistan army in SWAT or Sri Lanka where the Army can operate free handed without considering the innocent civillian lives

  4. It’s very pathetic that the prime ruler of this country has to be told by a scribe about happenings over his kingdom.
    But him declining the award is going to do some good to the nation? I doubt. But it is definitely going to make Sainath be in peace @hime and @work

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