Laughter is best medicine if you can swallow it

KPN photo

Indian politicians have a tremendous sense of humour, compared to Indian film, sport, business and other celebrities who believe the media’s job is, well, advertising. They have an under-appreciated ability to take criticism on their chin and laugh it off, although states like Maharashtra have proved an exception in recent times.

But will former Indian prime minister H.D. Deve Gowda like this grim spitting image who released the first issue of the monthly Kannada humour magazine Bari Vaare Kore, edited by cartoonist Prakash Shetty (formerly of The Week) in Bangalore on Friday?

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News


  1. Mysore Peshva

    Pretty accurate representation, drooped eyes and all. Could be Madame Tussauds material.

  2. ASHA

    very close to reality!

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