‘Time for the old rules of journalism to change’

“Objectivity” is the mirage that modern journalism chases, although as a wise sage said eons ago: “The point-of-view that you should not have a point-of-view is itself a point-of-view.”

On online journalism review, Robert Niles hits the nail on the head.

Traditional journalism’s ethics and tenets, he says, are due for change in the more competitive online information market. But it could be argued that they are due for change in traditional journalism too.

# The old rule: You can’t cover something in which you are personally involved. The new rule: Tell your readers how you are involved and how that’s shaped your reporting.

# The old rule: You must present all sides of a story, being fair to each. The new rule: Report the truth and debunk the lies.

# The old rule: There must be a wall between advertising and editorial. The new rule: Sell ads into ad space and report news in editorial space. And make sure to show the reader the difference.

Read the full article: As internet changes the market, some conventions must change as well

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