Photographers’ Collective to push child rights

PRESS RELEASE: The non-governmental organisation CRY (Child Relief and You) has formed a Photographers’ Collective to bring to light the issues of child rights and invites photojournalists to join in the endeavour.

A panel of eminent photographers will select 25 applicants from Bombay, Poona and Goa to kickstart the proceedings.

The objectives of the Photographers’ Collective are:

# To create a pool of photography enthusiasts who will use photography to highlight child rights;

# To document child rights’ issues in any one area or on any one issue;

# To create photo essays and photo documentaries to mobilize people for child rights.

Participants will participate in a workshop on child rights and photography conducted by a resource person sourced by CRY; work with a collective of like-minded photography enthusiasts;  document any one child rights issue along with the group;  participate in online sharing of photographs and feedback;  innovate ways to broadbase the initiative and work with each other to ensure that this becomes a sustainable programme.

Participants can expect to be anchored and mentored by resource persons who are professional photographers and attend at least one workshop on how one can use photography for child rights. An online forum will also be established to share photos, critiques, comments, issue updates and shooting experiences.

Selected photographs will be used in CRY communication material. If photo essays/ features emerge, plans for dissemination will be evolved by CRY to maximize impact.

If you want to be part of this initiative, email an application form to

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