The power of a really great interview is musical

The British broadcaster, Michael Parkinson, who as a chat-show host for 36 years “met everyone” there’s to meet, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, London:

“People talk about great moments, so you think of interviewing Muhammad Ali. But the really great moments for me have been musical ones.

“To sit next to Luciano Pavarotti and have him sing a Neapolitan song to you is, I assure you, an extraordinary experience. Talk about bloody short hairs standing up! The power of the voice is unnatural, it blows you back.

“To sit next to Paul McCartney playing Yesterday, Paul Simon doing Homeward Bound, Oscar Peterson playing a blues, Elton John doing Rocket Man—what a privilege to be. That’s the real joy of the job.

“When I am on my death bed, I shall think, ‘Hmm, yeah, McCartney sounded rather good that day’.”

Photograph: courtesy radiotimes

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