Bombay: The best and the most disappointing

Pradyuman Maheshwari, the group editor of exchange4media, has ranked the Indian media for coverage of the attack on Bombay.

The winners:

Best English television channels: Times Now, CNN-IBN

Best Hindi channelsIndia TV, Aaj Tak

Huge disappointment: NDTV 24×7 (English), Zee News (Hindi)

Best newspaper coverage: DNA Bombay

Most disappointing newspaper coverage: Hindustan Times

Best coverage by a non-Bombay paper: Mail Today

Best websites:,

Best newsperson: Arnab Goswami, Times Now

Most disappointing newsperson: Sreenivasan Jain, NDTV 24×7

Read the full article here: Mixed media


  1. Dileepa Prabhakar

    I wouldn’t categorize CNN-IBN’s coverage as ‘best’. Its coverage was as bad as NDTV 24×7’s.

    Times Now certainly had the best coverage and reporting.

    Surprised that Sreenivasan Jai was ranked the ‘most disappointing newsperson’. He was probably the only sane person on NDTV. Barkha Dutt would have been the right choice here!

  2. Thanks sans serif for the link. And Dileepa for your comment.

    As I’ve mentioned in the column, these are purely my personal views. And what may appeal to me may not find favour with others. The fact is that despite so much angst on Barkha Dutt in cyberspace (and despite my views on S Jain and the fact that the channel was ‘most disappointing’), NDTV 24×7 got the best ratings amongst English news channels.

  3. n

    I think ppl watched NDTV 24/7 more coz they were so shocked to see an otherwise careful Barkha Dutt at her awful best while reporting the Mumbai siege that they forgot to change the channel. No wonder Dutt got so much bad “press” all over the net.

    As for me I stopped watching NDTV long time ago. So really didnt bother to watch it.

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