The face of future media wars is a-changing

Paul Harris in The Observer, London:

“In future, media wars will not be fought between newspapers, and perhaps not even between newspaper websites. They will be fought between internet brands, blogs, online video sharers, news aggregators, gossip sites and things as yet undreamt of. They will not be fought in one city nor one country, but across the globe. They will not be fought with the buying of a newspaper, but with the click of a mouse, or a button on an iPhone, or a text.”

Read the full article: Murdoch declares war in the last great battle of the barons

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  1. punestudent chronicle

    It’ll be a while before the internet is as mainstream as newspapers or TV in India but things are changing and the changes are happening fast. But it is wise to proceed with caution as all the changes might not be for the best like Charles Kaiser of Radar Magazine has said.

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