‘Azadi advocates should be tried for treason’

Chandan Mitra, editor-in-chief of The Pioneer and a Rajya Sabha member nominated by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP):

“Last weekend two prominent newspaper columnists [Swaminathan Aiyar in The Sunday Times, and Vir Sanghvi in The Hindustan Times] wrote about the need to think out-of-the-box urging us to seriously consider if it is morally right to hold “unwilling” Kashmiris back in this country.

“I agree with them…. But under no circumstances can Indian citizens be allowed to promote secession.

“Advocating the right of Kashmiris to secede, as a professional female agitator [Arundhati Roy] (who believes the Vajpayee Government staged the December 13, 2001 attack on Parliament) reportedly did in Srinagar, is tantamount to treason and must invite provisions contained in the law relating to waging war against the State.

“Personally, I feel that even publicising such treasonable views, leave alone using dedicated columns to indulge in secessionist propaganda, should invite the charge of promoting terrorism and anti-national activity.”

Read the full column: Better Mush than traitors


  1. Mysore Peshva

    Ironic that a journalist should draw the line of unacceptable speech so close.

    Mr. Mitra seems to be deeply frustrated with Indian politics. That, or or he simply does not understand the intent of Article 19.

    The solution to Kashmir lies not in curtailing anyone’s right to free expression. It lies in economic progress — which is directly linked to an abrogation of Article 356.

    1. myindiatoo

      Mysore Peshva, pl do your homework first…

      “A Roy is just a certified idiot(from booker)”. She should be booked into a mental home or deported to Iran.

      a traitor is a traitor.
      and ignorance is bliss.



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