15 great ideas (or 15 trite ideas) for newspapers

Lee Abrams, the chief innovation officer of the Tribune newspapers in the United States, has a blog in which he lists the 15 ways to grow newspapers:

1) Compartmentalise: If grocery stores were organized like newspapers, you’d wear out your shoes looking for vegetables, as carrots would be in aisle 6, tomatoes in aisle 8, etc…

2) Don’t assume: If you have “a reporter who spent 4 years in Baghdad. Dodging bullets… the paper should have photos of the reporter with Iraqi kids… writing diaries. Don’t assume the reader knows.”

3) Be intelligent, not intellectual: Smart, not elite.

4) Brag about what you do: If you do an exclusive, tel the world. Not sensational, but a little swagger.

5) Liberate the designers: They are the ones that will package the information into greater engagement. Eye power.

5 (b) Liberate the photographers

7) Be consistent: Compelling writing, great graphics, every page, every day.

14) Make it easy: Newspapers have a habit of making things so hard to read absorb and engage in.

Read the full story: 15 points that will grow newspapers

Howard Owens: 15 trite ideas

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