All expenses paid health journalism seminars

PRESS RELEASE: The University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication is calling for applications for its California Health Journalism seminars.

The all-expenses-paid program, held in Los Angeles, offers journalists a chance to step away from the newsroom to hone their skills and gain new perspectives on covering health and health care.

The deadline for applications is June 27.

The fellowships are open to all professional print, broadcast and online journalists with a passion for health news, not just reporters on the health beat. USC welcome applications from mainstream and ethnic media journalists. In intimate workshops, field trips and discussions, fellows will learn from the United States’ most respected health and medical experts, from top journalists in the field and from each other.

During Session 1, from 31 July-3 August 2008, the program will focus on craft, with hands-on workshops on investigating hospitals and nursing homes, understanding medical statistics and medical studies, narrative story telling techniques,and more.

During Session 2, from 23 October-26 October 2008, it will explore the latest thinking about “Healthy Communities” — how neighborhood life, work conditions, social inequities, race and education influence health. Or, as documentary film maker and program speaker Larry Adelman puts it: “why some of us get sicker more often and die sooner.” Session 2 will also offer briefings on online mapping tools and digital story telling.

For more, go or click directly on the California Health Journalism link. You can also contact the organisers at (213) 437-4419 or at

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  1. Search the Web on

    I have liked the programmes of Anneberg californial health Journalism .for journalists in developing countries , this could have been an opportunity to journalists in developping countries to study such issues as jjustice and Journalism, Maltimedia, among others.
    unfortunaltely these fellowships are only for ameeicans only.
    how is this institution help journalism in developing countries.?
    harrison Themb
    WBSTV Uganda.

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