Forget invitation price, try a new paper for free!

Bangalore has got its latest morning English broadsheet. Deccan Chronicle has been launched along with its sister-paper, Financial Chronicle.

While groups like The Times of India time their launch to coincide with major festivals, DC has chosen the dawn of a new political dawn. And while most groups now go in with an invitation price to shake up the competition, DC is being offered free of cost.

Editor A.T. Jayanti has this introduction:

Very good morning, Bengaluru

What Bengaluru does today, the country does tomorrow. From art, literature, theatre and cinema to the information technology revolution and its unique zest for life, Bengaluru has shown the way. This is the city of ideas, the meeting place of the bright and the boldest.

Monday’s election results is the latest example. The people’s voice is what we at DC will reflect. We come without an axe to grind agaianst anything except the lazy, the corrupt and the clueless. We come to celebrate the spirit of Bengaluru.

It is a tribute to the people of Bengaluru that the blistering pace of change has not diluted its deep traditional and cultural flavour. But the academic and cerebral Bengaluru certainly knows how to unwind and have fun. We believe DC is reflective of Bengaluru. We broke The Hindu‘s strangle hold over Chennai, and others are only now following us into that metro. That success has not come easily. We have developed a mix of news, special reports and features neatly packaged into different sections with you in mind. Our combination of the all-colour broadsheet and tabloid reflects the varied reading habits of our readers across all ages and thinking.

DC comes to Bengaluru with its sister publication, Financial Chronicle. Steered by the best minds in the world of industry, commerce and information technology, FC will translate the news into three simple steps: Buy, sell, spend. We are offering DC free for all readers for a few days from today for this welcoming city to sample our magic mix.

We will push hard to be No.1.

Just like Bengaluru, India’s leader.

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‘Buy-sell-spend-save. Live rich. Enjoy.’


  1. S K Kumar

    How can it be a new newspaper? It is an old newspaper (Asian Age) under a different (Deccan Chronicle) nameplate.

  2. das

    How is DC different? It is actually an environment-friendly paper. Most reporter are those who left ToI or DH. They are now recycling (hence environment friendly) their old stories in the name of exclusives. Just as what The Old-New Indian Express is doing — read Midday or Kannada newspapers, rewrite, put a byline and pass it on to the readers (see Wednesday’s story on Arusri murder. The story appeared in Midday the previous day!!)
    By the way, the one but last wicket has fallen in Express with RK Mattoo putting in his papers.

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