Even Al Qaida can’t stand frivolous journalism

Al Qaida No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri has kindly “answered” web questions in The New Yorker through the good offices of Andy Borowitz.

A magazine journalist in Manhattan is among those who get lucky.

Stacy in Manhattan asks: I am a journalist for the US publication Tiger Beat. When I heard you would be taking Web questions, I was like OMG, I have totes to write to him!!! Here are three questions we’re asking celebrities this month:

    1. If you could be any character on “Gossip Girl,” who would you be?
    2. Who would be a better friend, Lauren on “The Hills” or Ashley Tisdale in “High School Musical”?
    3. Who is hotter, Zac Efron or Joe Jonas? (LOL)

      Ayman al-Zawahiri writes: “May you and everyone at your magazine burn in Hell.”

      Read the other questions and answers: Ask the Jihadist

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