‘Indian MSM preoccupied with urban issues’

“Today’s media, especially the mainstream media, are preoccupied with urban issues and the lifestyles of the rich and the affluent. This urban bias manifests itself in varied ways, whether it is in the print or in the electronic media, depending on their owners and managers.

“For such a market-driven media, the problems of the common man or of the rural poor are not matters of serious concern. It is said that the marketing managers, and not the Editors, decide the policy of many newspapers today. This is a matter of concern.”

Somnath Chatterjee, speaker of the lower house of India’s parliament, at a speech in Hyderabad on 11 May 2008

Read the extended text: For a new deal to the rural poor


  1. Andy

    Well said. May i draw the attention of these comments to Mr Salil Tripathi who took on P Sainath few weeks back ?

  2. Boring journalist

    Somanth Chatterji is absolutely right. A day is not far off when the post of the editors may be replaced by Editorial Managers, in the same lines as other departments like Circulation and Advertisement are run. For the editors have stopped writing and they are saddled with the task of managing the news to suit the whims and fancies of the booses.
    Even now there are newspapers, where the post of the Resident Editor has been replaced by the Editor(Market area)

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