Is anything OK if it can fetch a few dollars?

The Indian Premier League, the marriage between two of India’s greatest fixations, cricket and cinema, will be consummated at 8 pm in Bangalore today. On test is not just the durability of the shotgun wedding but the limits to which the shortest version of the game can be monetised by big business.

There are eight teams in the fray, and in what can only be read as yet another sign of the complete breakdown of the wall between church and state, the IBN network—comprising CNN-IBN, IBN7, IBN Lokmat, and—has tied up with the Calcutta Knight Riders.

Can an independent news provider really tie up with one team, even if it is only for contests, puff interviews, and such like, without attracting charges of partisanship? Or is it OK because it is a game really?

For the record, the Deccan Chronicle group owns the Hyderabad franchise of the IPL.


  1. Andy

    Its wrong, Its sucks !

    Open the website, you are first lead to IPL and an option for surfers to continue with site. Should it not be the other way around ?

  2. Pooja

    IPL match a real mixture of entertainment and sport, I guess has made cricket a good business, but somehow every one is excited about this series, ad the hot topic to be discussed about everywhere.

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