“Balls to boredom? Balls to gasbags?”

The New Indian Express, the southern wing of the once-mighty, united Indian Express family of Ramnath Goenka, is being revamped and relaunched from Friday, 11 April 2008, with a set of spunky graffiti.

# Balls to boredom, balls to gasbags

# Don’t give me bullshit, I get enough on TV

# Dear Mr Editor, stop ur preaching

# Dear newspaper, grow up. I have

# I hate left-ism, right-ism, extreme-ism and especially brain-deadism

But can attitude alone carry the day in a market teeming with old ladies, middle-aged aunties, and new kids all built on the same premise, same promise?


  1. pras

    Im sorry,I truly am for not being very much overjoyed at this “NEW” look;
    Firstly,the deluge of international articles is really good and i hope you keep it up!
    Secondly,Taking out two Challenging Sudokus and replacing it by a 5 minute One is NOT a good move on your part!
    Also,My BIGGEST complaint about the new “paper” as a happy-go-lucky 18 year old who reads express the first thing on anyday since 9 years is that its has 98% nude women right on its second day??
    I’m sorry,If i want a sleazy TABLOID,i would have bought one,not a respected newspaper like the express!
    Undergoing change does not in any way mean forgoing your principles and bowing to market pressure!
    Hope we get the good parts of the OLD express back!
    Wishing you all the best!
    An ardent Reader from Bangalore

  2. A feeble, ludicrous bid to outsmart Times of India.

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