‘It’s all about irreverence, not subservience’

Indian journalist Seema Mustafa on the genesis of her opposition to the India-US nuclear deal, which some speculate could have contributed to M.J. Akbar being eased out of his position as editor of The Asian Age:

“It had to do with a certain commitment with which I joined the profession—a belief that journalism was powerful enough to change the world.

“I was fortunate in working with the greatest editors in Indian journalism, who not just added to this conviction, but also taught me that a good journalist was not one who made his or her peace with the establishment (as that is very easy and very comforting), but who questioned policy and wrote about the pitfalls.

“Journalism, they said, was all about irreverence, and had nothing to do with subservience.”

Excerpted from a column by Seema Mustafa in India Abroad


  1. ved bhatia

    Dear Ms Mustafa
    I have discovered today that you and Mr Akbar had left The Asian Age.
    I would like to know if you have started your colum with any orther periodical?
    Ved Bhatia

  2. Sunita

    They have a new magazine out called ‘COVERT’… check it out!!

  3. viren naik

    The original father of western philosophy Xenos worked on the theory of ‘You can not create something out of nothing and like wise nothing out of something’.
    Modern day Journalists and Editors do come under the spell of Xenophobia ,trying to make reality out of nothing. However humble they wish to portray themselves as knowledgeable in all subjects..the bottom line is that most of what they write does not hinge on self believe but to the contrary on feeding the insatiable ego..once an argument is created ..in generality it becomes an egg throwing exercise..problem with both M.J. and Seema is that there is no continuity on morals the only consistent part is criticism of the Indian Govt be it Vajpayee or Manmohan the pen never stops in displaying humiliating vendetta ..surely this is not creative leadership of any kind and therefore the pits loom larger on the horizon .. a lot of avid readers and well wishers of both these personalities have warned them in the past not to live in their own dreams instead look at the stark reality of what the grass roots are going through disregarding the religions they belong to..unfortunately and gladly we will see last of these glory hunting matadors of pseudo journalism as India will never provide them again the insulation of a prominent media vehicle to spread ulterior propaganda of a third nation in English targeting the western nations..their practices suit the title they are working for ‘Covert’
    regards and god bless
    viren naik

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