At last, an Indian video production textbook

With television booming in India, and news and entertainment channels being launched every other day, expertise at video production is increasingly in short supply. It’s a void that journalism schools and mass communications programmes at diploma, under-graduate and post-graduate levels, are trying to fill, but they are hampered by the lack of relevant literature suited to the Indian milieu.

The few textbooks that are around are foreign publications, priced in dollars and largely out of the reach of most students. Moreover, most foreign books are highly segmented, and cover different aspects of production in tiny niches in separate books, making it difficult for students and teachers to purchase and refer to multiple books.

Filling that vital blank is VASUKI BELAVADI, a reader in communication at the Sarojini Naidu school of performing arts, fine arts & communication at the University of Hyderabad, whose book Video Production (paperback, 352 pages, Rs 325) , published by Oxford University Press, will soon be out.

Video Production is a step-by-step guide on making effective video programmes and provides an in-depth coverage of all aspects of video production, pre-production, production, and post-production. Throughout the book, the key concepts are explained through numerous illustrations, exhibits, figures, exercises and anecdotes.

“Beginning with creating an understanding of visual grammar for video production, the book goes on to discuss the parts of a video camera, the roles of the personnel involved, and the three phases of video production. It moves from the conceptual to the practical, discussing in detail scriptwriting, lighting, sound, and editing; single-camera and multi-camera production processes; and the techniques involved in electronic news gathering and electronic field production. Video and broadcast technology and the various delivery options available in India and abroad are also discussed in detail.

“The book will be very useful to students who want to specialise in video production and will also serve as a reference and guide to those interested in taking up video production independently.”

Prof Belavadi, formerly on the faculty of Manipal University of Communication and Tezpur University, has worked with Eenadu Television, and has been on the staff of several Indian newspapers.

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  1. rambhai

    wow i have always been intrested in this sort of job~~~i will pick up a copy ASAP. also lots of people say indian authors are dissapointing i hope this is not one of them

  2. Andy

    This is a very creditable achievement. Congrats to the the author.

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