Why is travel journalism so mediocre, dishonest?

“Hip”, “happening”, “sun-drenched”, “undiscovered”, “magical”, “eat this”, “do that” , “go there”… Why does all travel journalism seem so manufactured and artificial?

Because, says Chuck Thompson, author of Smile when you are lying:

“Almost all magazines exist for a single purpose—to move product,” he writes. “As conditioned purveyors of the sell-sell-sell mentality, magazine editors routinely dismiss story ideas if something new to sell can’t be attached to them. This limp editorial practice prevents thousands of good stories each year from seeing print and reinforces the contemporary magazine’s standing as a cleverly concealed catalog. It doesn’t matter if they’re peddling lipstick, financial services, movies, or hotel rooms. Cosmopolitan sells L’Oreal and Entertainment Weekly sells Sony Pictures the same way Delta Sky sells Delta Airlines.”

Read the full article: Smile when you’re lying

Link via Arts & Letters Daily

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  1. What a nice anchoring.

    Also another point that is so sad and unfair, too. I am working as freelance writer for some magazines in Turkey. One day I write about Madagaskar, another Lübnan… But I write all these from my room. I dont see, I dont feel, I dont learn, I dont discover. I open my computer, sit on my table watches videos, looks photos and read, read, read…

    I would like to these travel. Discover the streets, share my story with local people and create an another story. Sperated but together…

    Hope that this will change in next year.
    I really want this.

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