A letter-writer asks the Indian media a question

A powerful politician murderously gunned down by a younger brother one early morning. The son of the deceased caught in a drug overdose with the secretary of the deceased less than a month later. A hurried marriage for the son of the deceased with a childhood sweetheart. A hurried arangetram into the youth wing of a party which decries “dynastic politics” for the daughter of the deceased. Wifebeating charges against the son of the deceased followed by the filing for divorce of the new couple. A surprisingly quick conviction for the killer-brother.

It is easy to tch-tch-tch about India’s most dysfunctional political family, The Mahajans, and shed a tear or ten for a mother whose world turned upside down in the space of a few weeks. But a letter-writer in today’s Deccan Herald cuts to the chase that exposes a major failure of the Indian media:

“The recent front page coverage of Rahul Mahajan’s separation from his wife again reinforces the view that our media creates hype and sells hype in their business interest. Mahajan is a non-entity who neither holds any important position in the BJP nor is a celebrity by any yardstick to command such coverage.

“The real point is how the late Pramod Mahajan, a small-time teacher and a sangh parcharak, amassed such huge wealth which allowed his prodigal son to have this sort of life style. This was never hammered by our press.”

Bhartendu Sood

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