Welcome to Foesbook.com, yes, Foesbook.com

Sick and tired of “Facebook“—and dying to tell your friends about it?

Welcome to Foesbook.com, the pioneering anti-social network.

Can’t stand that bitch? Won’t give a flying fish to that son-of-a-bitch? Think your boss is an a-hole of the first order? Then this is the place for you. To let loose and let the world know. Get the poison out of your system.

Here, at foesbook.com, you can’t use a foe-finder, you will have to trawl your mind in that old-fashioned sort of way. Here, at foesbook.com, you can’t poke them without hurting them where it hurts most. Here, at foesbook.com, you can only challenge them to a digital fist-fight.

Because, you see, this is not about adding apps and building up valuations to be bought by the next highest bidder. This is a public service that restores the universal human traits of anger, balls, cynicism, distrust, suspicion, etc, their due and rightful place in the world.

Stop being a sucker.

Stop the Zucker.

Verbalise your Venom. Because, admit it, it would be such a boring place if everybody in the world was friends.

Who is your best foe? Who is the one person you don’t want to be friends with? Don’t want to know more about? Don’t want to know if she is single, liberal or sleeping? Don’t want to hug, fug or plug?

Bookmark foesbook.wordpress.com

Show the world that if it weren’t for foes, there wouldn’t be no friends, and no facebook.

With foes like these who needs friends?

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