‘Media think readers want trivia. They don’t.’

Djelloul (Del) Marbrook in The Student Operated Press:

“Driven by pressure to perform for profit-takers, the print and electronic press seem to be moving away from the very direction they should be going towards….

“The media are not responding to a technological revolution but rather to demands from owners and shareholders for more money, demands representing short-sighted greed which may sign the death warrant of the printed newspaper….

“Instead of offering broad perspective, the mainstream press goes on reporting dribs and drabs. The press does this not only because it’s easier and cheaper, but because it has bet its money on its misguided assumption that trivia is what the public wants, even when the most reliable polls, as we have said in previous podcasts, show that this is not what the public wants….

“The traditional mainstream media should be reexamining their role in our lives and striving to give a bigger, broader and fuller picture of what is going on….

“The Internet is not add-on journalism, it is the new journalism, but it doesn’t mean print is dead. It means we must reconsider the role of print journalism. The way to greet a revolutionary new technology is not to co-opt it. We must learn how to maximize its advantages.”

Read the full article here: Welcome to steady-stream journalism

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