If we can send man to the moon, why can’t we…

…make better computer keyboards?

Few journalists maintain as engaging (and entertaining) a blog as James Fallows, the national correspondent of The Atlantic Monthly magazine. In one recent entry, Fallows writes on the state of the keyboard of his seven-month-old laptop computer after just three months of use.

“Now entirely gone: the E, N, A keys, plus the < marking.
On their way: L, M, R, S, and >
Worried: D, O.
Should be worried: U, B

“I can probably find a supplier who sent them to the factory in the first place. When I find that guy, maybe I’ll ask him whether they would consider investing an extra 50 cents for more durable keytop decals.”

In a famous commencement speech he made to students of Northwestern University in the United States in 1996, Fallows recalled working on the college newspaper at Harvard and being alerted to a fire one night.

As the fire blazed through the building, Fallows says he could envision the next morning’s paper with a good story and nice byline, while the student standing next to him saw his PhD disseration being reduced to a rubble. That student was Dr Subramaniam Swamy, the maverick Indian politician.

Read the blog here: James Fallows

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