Aroon Purie: Indian papers are in a time warp

In the West, newspaper readership is falling and advertising and circulation revenues are sinking. In India, existing newspaper groups are trying to consolidate through their web presence, etc, before the bad news arrives, as it must.

Brave, therefore, is the media baron who, with no newspaper experience, decides to launch a brand-new newspaper from scratch. Aroon Purie, the man behind the India Today magazine empire, has just done that with Mail Today, a tabloid newspaper in collaboration with the Daily Mail of London.

In what can only be considered a thundering slap on the faces of newspapers that have been around for tens of years, Purie believes—pinch yourself—that the time is just right for a new newspaper. And like every movie maker, he believes his offering is going to be “different”.

In an interview with the media magazine, Impact, Purie says:

“I believe that the newspapers which exist today are somewhere in a legacy, a time warp. They are trying to cater to everybody and in the process, I think, fall between many stools. They are neither a proper broadsheet, nor a proper tabloid, nor a middle ground paper. They try to appeal to everybody and to my mind, have become quite dull.

“There is a space to address this in a modern newspaper, which is bold, which takes stands, which addresses your concerns, which doesn’t necessarily get stuck in the same old topics of politics and jargon, which simplifies complicated issues, which is brought out in a bold and vibrant manner that makes you want to sit up and want to read.

“I don’t believe that newspapers need to be dumbed down. I believe there is an intelligent readership out there, who will read if you give them something worthwhile to read.”

Read the full interview here: It’s the most appropriate time to come in

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  1. narender kumar

    Mr. puri are you sure your staff at digital is not being humilated just to force them to resign. Humilation of women staff by your so called CEO will bring you wback what you can not think about. A signal to you for your use with full care. please keep an eye.

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