India’s best editors? Just press ‘Click’

The provocation is not very clear. The classification is not very clear. And the parameters of selection are not very clear. But as part of its “Great Media Debate”, CNN-IBN is doing a “survey” of “India’s Top 25 Editors“, whom readers of its website ibnlive can rate by clicking on a button.
And the nominees are:

  • Aveek Sarkar
  • Arnab Goswami
  • B.G. Varghese
  • Cho Ramaswamy
  • Chandan Mitra
  • H.K. Dua
  • Jaideep Bose
  • Kumar Ketkar
  • M.J. Akbar
  • Mammen Mathew
  • Mrinal Pandey
  • N. Ram
  • Prannoy Roy
  • Prabhu Chawla
  • Rajat Sharma
  • Rajdeep Sardesai
  • Rahul Joshi
  • Ravindra Kumar
  • Sanjaya Baru
  • Shekhar Gupta
  • T.N. Ninan
  • T.J.S. George
  • Tarun J. Tejpal
  • Uday Shankar
  • Vinod Mehta


  1. Where are the ToI people in this?

  2. Keerthivasan

    Cho Ramaswamy

  3. Prakash

    Cho Ramaswamy

  4. Foreverfreeman

    Jaideep Bose – sold his soul at ToI.

  5. Mysore Peshva

    The gold goes to M.J. Akbar.

    The silver to Shekhar Gupta.

    The bronze is shared by T.J.S. George and Kumar Ketkar.

  6. Chakrapani

    I would consider N Ram the best for his clarity on issues of national importance, though the clout of a newspaper editor has waned in today’s corporate environment.

    1. akash

      LOL – NRam, a card carrying member of the Indian Left, and a stooge of the Chinese communists, for his “clarity” on national issues? Speaks volumes..

      Shekhar Gupta is completely bik chuka to the Congress…a good businessman, hardly a good editor

      Do they even deserve to be in a list?

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