TV’s unsung heroes. (To be continued…)

So you think television is all about slickly coiffured anchors with thickly accented voices sitting in airconditioned studios?  So you think Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt are the stars?

Well, keep thinking.

The stories and images that have gripped Indian television in recent weeks have all come from small towns, from little known stringers, with a far better sense of what constitutes news. And it is these unsung heroes of Indian television who are grabbing the eyeballs and tripling the TRPs for television stations.

# Zee TV’s s grisly story of a man in Bhagalpur accused of snatching a chain being beaten by a mob and then by the police who tie him to their motorcycle and drag him for a distance was reported by Chinmay Dev, who, at 22, leads his own pack of 20 reporters.

# IBN7’s bonechilling Ajmer story of over 1,000 men being stripped to establish whether any of them was involved in the rape of a 35-year-old woman from the village of Boraj, was reported by Priyank Sharma, a 27-year-old mass communications student.

# India TV’s expose of women and children in Bhatinda siphoning off oil from tanker-trains was brought to viewers by Swaran Singh Danewalia, 42.

# Pooja Chauhan‘s brave march in Rajkot in her bra, panties and baseball bat (in picture) to protest to draw attention to her harassment by her in-laws was reported by Anirudh Nakum, a 26-year-old photographer.

# The Muzaffarnagar story of Gudiya, the wife of a prisoner of war who married another man after her husband didn’t return from the war front, was brought home by Vinod Mahajan, a former petrol pump attendant, now 48.

Read the full story here: Feeding the news

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