‘Gentlemen, thank you for coming out’

He is the one-man army targetting Capitol Hill from his apartment in North West Wasshington, D.C. His technique has been called “odious”, “outrageous” and “over the line”. To some he is a hero, a muckraker; to others, he is a pariah. Some say receiving a call from him is like receiving a call from Satan himself. And a typical phone call from him is simple and straightforward: “Are you gay?”

Mike Rogers is the gay blogger who “outed” Larry Craig‘s “wide stance” last week. Nearly three dozen political and congressional staffers have been outed by But he promises the Idaho senator won’t be the last.

“A little volume titled The Book of Questions: Business, Politics and Ethics is tucked under his coffee table. There, on Page 193, is the question: “How much right do we have to know about the private lives of elected officials?”

“Rogers says, “When those private lives are in direct conflict with the public policy that these officials espouse, I think it’s fair game that their private lives be brought into this. And I have to blog to do that with. Here’s the question: What community is expected to protect its own enemies? Don’t beat up the gay community, and then expect us to protect your secrets and your double life. It’s just not right.”

Read the full article here: The most feared man on the Hill?

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