Jaffna journo hasn’t gone home for 13 months

Murders, kidnappings, threats, censorship… It’s all in a day’s work for journalists in war-ravaged Jaffna, in northern Sri Lanka, according to a report of an international fact-finding mission, making it one of the most dangerous places to work in or report from in the world.

One newspaper (Valampuri) is down to just five correspondents, down from 75 last year.  One journalist at Uthayan has not left his office for 13 months for fear of his life. And newspapers are carrying more national and international news than local reports because their staff is afraid.

“At least seven media workers, including two journalists, have been killed there since May 2006 (when the fighting resumed). One journalist is missing and at least three media outlets have been physically attacked. Dozens of journalists have fled the area or abandoned the profession… in the last one year newspapers in the town have “lost” 90 per cent of their journalist and non-journalistic staff.”

Read the full story here: Jaffna, a ‘nightmare’ for journalists

Related report: Statement of IPI and Freedom of Expression Mission

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