The worst op-ed piece ever written?

Stanley Fish, the well-known postmodernist and New York Times’ columnist, thought he was doing something cool writing about how difficult it was to get a cup of coffee at Starbucks. In “Getting Coffee Is Hard To Do”, he wrote of having to wait in a queue, look for a spot to stand, add the milk and the sugar, and hear words like “‘double shot,’ ‘skinny,’ ‘breve,’ ‘grande,’ ‘au lait’ and a lot of other words that never pass my lips.”

What he gets in return for his “self-satisfied cluelessness” from Slate‘s Ron Rosenbaum is the label of the worst op-ed ever written which may or may not have walked off the pages of Onion (“Area professor befuddled by coffee place”).

“At the very least, Fish’s column showcases what happens when certain academics descend from the ivory tower to offer us their special insights on popular culture”

Read the full article here: The worst op-ed piece ever?

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